shield-492991_640For developers, builders / owners of future houses / cottages.

What is most important when building a house, a cottage or any other building?

Of course, the main thing is the location.

But what is the best way to use a prime location, or to improve the quality of the object, which is not very favorable situated?

In our opinion, a few options can help:

  • Reduce the cost of construction;
  • Reduce the cost of maintaining the building.

Our team copes with both tasks perfectly. We possess important qualities of innovation, high professionalism and extensive experience in the construction industry.

The cost of building a cottage, building of any purpose and altitude by our team using TAABS is about $ 330 / m2, which is well below any offers on the market. Of course, we take into account only the technology of capital construction, that is, that will stand for decades.

Amount of electrical capacity required for the creation of a comfortable microclimate in the building is 1 kW per 100 m2. This covers heating, cooling and ventilation.

Operating costs of electricity per 1 m2 per month:

  • Winter: 4.5 kW*h;
  • Summer: 1.5 kW*h.

Thus, for maximum energy savings and minimum cost of home heating, it is necessary to plan and build a house using TAABS technology.

Furthermore, TAABS has additional advantages:

  • Ideal for use of open-space solutions regulated premises;
  • A high level of adaptation to the use of renewable energy for home heating;
  • High reliability design solutions (monolithic reinforced concrete frame);
  • The most comfortable feeling of being in the room through the use of low-temperature heat transfer fluids.

So, why should You pay more !?