2014-10-19-13.18.41Technology TAASS implements the task of providing customers with a way to construct a building (of any functional purpose) adapted to major global trends – renewable energy sources (RES) and ecological lifestyle.

RES are characterized by couple basic problems – daily and / or seasonal fluctuations of available power (“raw material”, so to speak). The second issue of renewable energy – a relatively small installed capacity, ie distributed energy generation.

The solution of these two RES problems – Consumer (building) with a “buffer tank”. Any other storage technology has an additional cost, TAABS, by contrast, as additional product, is managed to combine additional functions with the base product. This means that TAABS provides a low cost of the building – a building-battery.

These characteristics of TAABS open / expand the demand for the following market sectors:

  • Disposal of construction and technological debris as an element of a thermal storage building parts and items of TAABS;
  • Industry standard sector, including local building materials sector: reinforcement, concrete, sand, gravel, lime, concrete blocks, windows and doors products;
  • Insulation of all types, including those of crop production;
  • Elements and components of the heat pumps: compressor, heat exchangers, automation;
  • Pumps;
  • Polyethylene pipes and fittings;
  • Enclosing structures and materials, such as slabs / panels made of straw;
  • Biogas production of crops, livestock and poultry industry;
  • Biogas technology for MSW, food, yeast industry;
  • Cogeneration and trigeneration products and components for biofuels;
  • Biofuels / energy commodities: pallets of waste, energy willow, poplar, etc .;
  • Plastic materials generated from biogas;
  • Products and components of solar technology, wind generation;
  • Products and components of the solar boiler technology.