Main features

  • The technology creates a working temperature of 27-29C in winter and 20-22C in summer. The system allows to fine-tune the fluctuations of heat / cold indoor and adjust the temperature regime for air / water.
  • Reduction of construction costs by 15-20% an reduction in operating costs by 50%-60%.
  • Implementing of an open-space concept and targeted engineering.

Other qualities

  • Surface based foundations (no excavation) combined with foundation slabs laid on insulation material provide minimum sensitivity to the ground, terrain, freezing.
  • Best part of the building – columns. The walls bear function of an option. The walls or partitions, windows or doors, stairs depend on the desires of the customer.
  • A blind area is not necessary.
  • Heating is provided by the slabs of the building and the heat pump or any boiler: gas, electric, solid, etc.