Advantages of the technology

Complete or part-monolithic framework

  • Equates the time of physical depreciation of structures with any number of obsolescence of the building periods;
  • Eliminate load-bearing walls that prevent the implementation of the open-space principle;
  • Provide opportunities for the implementation of following improvements.

Frame insulation from the external environment: soil, water and air

  • Many times reduce the heat loss of the building;
  • Minimize excavation work;
  • Ensure minimum sensitivity of the building to any type of soils and terrain.

Accommodation of the frame pipes with liquid heat carrier in the horizontal parts of the frame;

  • Transforms the building structure to a very capacious, active / manageable temperature accumulator.

Creates an element of indoor climate maintenance system.

Principle of targeted engineering

  • Setting of in-house network engineering in the channels / boxes under the insulation on facades and false ceiling corridors and other ancillary facilities;
  • The ability to effectively implement the principle of open-space in the process of construction and operation of the building.
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