TAABS technology (thermo-active accumulative building system) allows to construct any kind of buildings. This technology is based on innovative principle: transformation of a building frames into main part of internal climate managing system. TAABS provides effective solutions for heating, conditioning, ventilation and hot water supplying.

This technology radically reduces cost of building construction and maintenance.  The key feature of TAABS is reduction of amount and cost of power (energy) consumption.  Thus, cost of exploitation significantly decreases.

General ways to reach these tasks are:

  • Building is provided with insulation under foundation slab;
  • Building frame /concrete/ – open-space principle of interior planning (any type and any square of premises/flats) and low cost of layout changing aimed to transform building or particular floors in relation with live circle of construction;
  • Building frame – minimization of influence of geo-, hydro – ground conditions on building; best to use in condition of seismicity.
  • Building frame with system of pipes with water which is used as resource of controlling and managing internal temperature. Technology applies accumulative feature of concrete frame (huge weight!) and, sometimes, temperature of air.
  • Heating pump and solar cell as a source of relatively cheap and renewable resource of energy.
  • Electronic managing system.

According to experience of building in Ukraine, TAABS reduces standard lump sum of building contract by 15-20% (depends on type of building and destination, number of floors and so on). Cost of live circle reduces up to 60%.

As example, cost of 4 floors living building is near 350 $/m2 of total area, cottage – 250 $/m2. Cost of heating – near 1 kVt*hour per 100 m2 as average per heating season (in Ukraine price per 1 kVt*hour is 0,28 UAN)

Precise lump sum of the object we would be able to estimate when we have technical specification and other related information.

We are ready to any form of cooperation in any projects in Ukraine as well as abroad.